Bullies and Social Media Predators have Access to our Kids!

The biggest obstacle parents face raising kids in this generation is the lack of knowledge around their “social culture.”  The whole “been there, done that” attitude parents have when raising their kids does not necessarily apply today. We are living in warp speed when it comes to innovation and there is no way possible parents […]

My Anxiety made me a Better Parent and Educator

Sometimes admitting that you have a weakness and accepting that you are not always perfect feels like you succumbed to failure, but verbalizing your feelings and sharing your story can turn that failure into a success.   One Monday morning while I was greeting students at the front door of the school,  I noticed a young […]

A Building with four walls and the future inside….

Hi…..Jessie here!  Welcome to my blog that encompasses stories of my life as a mom, teacher and principal – all of which involves interactions with children. Of those three titles, Mom is my favorite because I feel my greatest accomplishments are my three children. Greatest accomplishments because for 18 years, I have been walking on […]